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Project Description
Browsergame Framework.NET (BGF) is a Framework for developing browsergames with ASP.NET. It provides some usefull components for the logic of a browsergame, like user administration (register, authentication, roles & functions),database access component and more ...

Most Browsergames are developed for php. One of the reasons is the cheaper webspace, another one might be the
availability of Frameworks and open source code, which can be used for a new game.

The current project state is in development. See the "Issue Tracker" for more information.

Currently, a low percentage of all Browsergames uses .NET technology.
It is my intention to develop a Framework to support new Browsergames on .NET.

The Framework will support some different points:
  • Database support
    • Class to connect with the Database, call procedures, do selects and return the result as xml or data table.
    • The current version is available as database project file or installation script.
  • Common Helper
    • XmlHelper functions like xsl transformation
    • Application Config helper - to read keys which are stored on the appconf
    • Some database parameter helper extensions
  • Account
    • Database tables, procedures and classes for user management.
    • Authentication, Registration, Account unlock after registration via email.
    • Roles and Functions
    • Duplicate User registration protection with IP Check and Email check against existing accounts.
  • Logging
    • Classes with some functionality for logging on file system
    • Different loglevels available Verbose,Warning,Info,Error
  • Controls
    • Some controls for your Frontend.
    • Target Technologie will be Silverlight and default ASP.Net Webforms controls.
  • Messaging
    • Personal Messages, stored in SQL Server.
    • Email functionality (SMTP) for registration or providing information.
  • Example Backend Service
    • A Webservice / WCF Service that provides the functionality of the framework.

Aditional information

The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is currently the only supported database.
If you try out the dlls of the bgf in your own project, you could copy the keys of the application config file of the unit test project.

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